About us

OPTIMATIQ is a consultancy founded by a team of established professionals. Every one of us comes with a unique skillset and years of experience in the security industry. We’ve worked with public institutions, government agencies, global corporations, and internet unicorns. Go on, have a look at our LinkedIn profiles.

Example of a web security company we have built before:
Grey Wizard (Cloudflare like cybersecurity SaaS)

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Head of Software

The owner of the most impressive resumé in the Polish IT sector. Radek was the brain behind projects like OLX, Grey Wizard, Coinpaprika, and Wykop.

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Head of Web Security

Previously Security Engineer at United Internet AG, Beyond, and Grey Wizard. Pawel is a penetration testing master, with years of experience in security solutions for web applications and cloud.
email: [email protected]

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Head of Cloud

Previously Chief System Administrator at OLX, Wykop, and Grey Wizard. Raphael knows how to make any cloud infrastructure do what he says.

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Head of Sales

A trusted advisor with years of experience with cloud products, penetration testing, and web security. Worked at Beyond and Grey Wizard.
email: [email protected]

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Business Development

The face of our international operation. Worked at KPMG, Santander, BBI Zeneris, Grey Wizard, and Coinpaprika.
email: [email protected]

Projects for the open-source community: