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DDoS Protection Clone

There are too many DDoS protection products on the market. Some of them quite costly and difficult to maintain in the long run, others cheaper and simpler on the surface but not able to provide adequate protection for a business your size. 

The team at Optimatiq knows these tools very well. We’ve been integrating DDoS protection systems—and building our own—to protect web infrastructures since 2014. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Considerations for selecting DDoS Protection

General Considerations

What is your business model? Are you handling sensitive data? How much data are you handling? Do you have any protection in place? This tells us whether you’re an attractive target to attackers.

History of DDoS attacks

Do you have a history of DDoS attacks? How aggressive were they? Which types of attacks did you experience? It is a good indicator of how much protection you will need in the future.


What’s the worst-case scenario if DDoS protection fails? What’s the impact on your business? Do you have any redundancy built into your design? This can tell you how much a successful attack could cost you.

Rules & Regulations

Certain types of industries, like the financial or healthcare industry, are required by law to use specific kinds of protection.

Level of Control

Can you outsource your DDoS protection to a company like Optimatiq, or do you need it integrated into your own Security Operation Center?

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OPTIMATIQ implements security solutions custom-fitted to your current and future needs. Rather than try to match you to a solution, we match the solution to you.


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