Secure. Efficient. Reliable.
Your web infrastructure is our business.


We believe having a secure web infrastructure is important. But not more important than your business. Many companies spend precious time and resources on security solutions that slow the company down and don’t scale as the business grows. Without knowing it, they go into IT debt. 

Optimatiq implements security solutions custom-fitted to your current and future needs. Rather than try to match you to a solution, we match the solution to you.



Every company is different. We understand that.

Rest easy, knowing that your web is protected by an industry-leading security solution that matches your current needs and scales as your business grows.  
Custom security software, DDoS protection, web application firewall, bot mitigation, penetration tests... you name it.

Save time and money in the long run by taking full advantage of the resources you’re already paying for.

Most companies severely under-utilize their web infrastructure and later overspend on speed and capacity that could be gained with the right setup.
Our detailed performance test can help you get the most of what you already have.

Is your web infrastructure reliable?
You shouldn’t wonder about it.
You should check.

Optimatiq conducts security audits, penetration and stress tests, and prepares companies for security certification.

Our consultant will contact you within 24h.