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Web Application Firewall

OPTIMATIQ is a consultancy founded by a team of established professionals. Every one of us comes with a unique skillset and years of experience in the security industry. We’ve worked with public institutions, government agencies, global corporations, and internet unicorns. Go on, have a look at our LinkedIn profiles.

Things to consider when choosing a Web Application Firewall

Step 1. General audit

Explain to us, how does your network work. We also need to know how does your infrastructure looks like. 

Step 2. Level of security

Are you a "Secret Service" like organization, a bank, or just regular e-commerce? Do you need to have the WAF on-premise or can it work in a cloud?

Step 3. Performance

How much traffic do you handle? Are your users from all around the world? How many milliseconds of delay can you tolerate?

Step 4. Virtual Patching

What if there is a well-known vulnerability in the WAF you are using? How rapidly do you want the fixes to be applied?

Step 5. On-demand or always on?

Do you want to keep your WAF in a monitoring mode or keep it actively blocking unwanted visitors?

Step 7. Rules & Regulations

Do you need a WAF with PCI DSS? Does your industry require additional certifications? Are there any regulations we should think about?

Step 8. OWASP TOP 10 + ?

Do you need standard protection from the most popular attacks or things like cookie modification and brute force login attempts, need to be handled as well?

Step 9. Decrypting Data 

Should your WAF decrypt data that flows from or to your users? Proper WAFs can terminate a package that has been encrypted with an SLL.

Step 10. Reporting

Do you need reporting? Would you like to know how many times were you attacked this month? 

Our consultant will contact you within 24h.

Contact with us

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