ThreatBite – Internet reputation system

ThreatBite is an open-source global reputation system developed by OPTIMATIQ. It analyses incoming internet users and reports a standardized score representing their trustworthiness. It is provided as an API service, allowing our clients to automatically spot or block suspicious users. Join them.


Identifying the source of threat

ThreatBite identifies potential sources of fraud by comparing user identification data to over 500 databases of bad internet actors.

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Account creation protection

ThreatBite protects against automatic account creation and user account hijacking.

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Spam detection

ThreatBite Identifies potential sources of spammers.

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TOR network users detection

ThreatBite recognizes addresses belonging to the Tor network.

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ThreatBite detects addresses used as proxies or VPNs. So you can block them in case your web services are gographically restricted.

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Private Networks

ThreatBite detects addresses belonging to private networks.

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Captured IP

ThreatBite recognizes captured IP addresses.

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How does it work?

ThreatBite analyses incoming internet users (takes into account IP, Header, Email, etc) and reports back a standardized score to a SIEM or directly to an application. The score represents user trustworthiness. ThreatBite uses independent databases that collect up-to-date information about bad internet actors. Because it is an API service, it works in real-time, allowing you to act fast and block or keep an eye on suspicious user behavior.


Available on GitHub:


For Business / Enterprise version please contact our consultant