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Cloudflare is the #1 commercial website-security solution, and a popular choice amongst our clients. It offers DDoS protection, a Web Application Firewall, as well as BOT and DNS mitigation. It is currently used by 27,000,000 internet properties globally. It is a tool that can make your infrastructure fast, secure, and efficient.

We can help you unlock the full potential of Cloudflare.

Optimatiq Cloudflare Care

Our engineers have over a decade of experience working with Cloudflare. Our Cloudflare Care includes:

1. Picking the right package

A version of the product that suits your financial and business needs.

2. Configuration & Setup

Firewall rules, rate limits, allowlists, blocklists, exceptions, whitelists, blacklists… You name it. We’ll do it for you. No downtime.

3. Monitoring

Our team will look out for you.

4. Reporting

Once a month, you’ll get a detailed report with information about attacks, vectors, fixes, new rules, and suggestions.

5. Support

We’re a partner of Cloudflare, and we’re happy to offer phone, email, or slack support. Whatever’s most convenient.

Our consultant will contact you within 24h.

Contact with us

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